"La Lleva" Program


Avanse in a joint venture with Artemisia Fundacion in Bucaramanga, Colombia has developed “La Lleva” - an after-school educational and art outreach program for elementary age children.  

The “La Lleva” project services children whose parents are sex workers from the streets as well as children who live in a high risk neighborhood of drugs and gang activity called Barrio La Gloria.

Serving over 30 children between the ages of 7 and 13 years old "La Lleva" is an educational program that teaches different values and empowerment through an art curriculum while also providing a safe environment that prevents these children from spending time on the streets.

Updates and photos are posted regularly on Avanse’s Facebook Page. Follow the children's progress.  

Meet The Staff:

Nidia Coy, Program Director                Juan Jose Aceved, Teacher