School Sponsorship

The Issue: Universal Access to Basic Education

In 2000, 189 nations made a promise to free people from extreme poverty, which consisted of Eight Millennium Development Goals to be achieved by 2015. One of these goals is to achieve universal primary & secondary education. This well-established consensus based on evaluation of decades of poverty alleviation programs, clearly identifies universal access to education as the foundation for a pathway out of poverty and sustained economic and social mobility.

Haiti does not have a functioning public education system and the street kids we support do not have access to the financial resources to pay for the private schools that provide basic primary and secondary education. Street kids in Haiti are effectively priced out and prevented from receiving what is universally accepted as the basic tools for uplifting themselves out of poverty. It is a vicious cycle that we wish to disrupt and correct.

Our Response: school sponsorship programs

Avanse launched the School Sponsorship program in 2012 – a collaborative effort with our local partner in Haiti, Zanmi Lakay to provide for the private education of street kids, thereby giving them the foundation for emotional, economic & social mobility.

This partnership has provided the capabilities to achieve what may not have otherwise been achieved. Zanmi Lakay with their established operations, deep roots and long relationships within the community, was the ideal partner to execute an efficient, effective and robust school sponsorship program. There is a well-established system of payment direct to the school; all related expenses are tracked closely with no money going directly to the children or relatives; the children’s progress is closely monitored to ensure any problems are identified early and addressed, etc. The efficiency and integrity of the program supports the development of long relationships with the children, the community and the schools.

Progress So Far:

  • Provided access to primary and secondary education to over 75 children over the last 3 years

  • The dropout rate for our program is 0%! Our kids continue to thrive and take advantage of the opportunity provided to them

  • Developed and executed a plan to provide school sponsorship using a direct payment model with low operations cost

Going Forward:

  • Avanse would like to transition to commit to a long-term sponsorship model vs the current annual sponsorship model. This will remove the uncertainty and potential disruption in the children’s education and progress.
  • Increase the number of children in our sponsorship program to 40 annually. This represents a 60% increase over current levels.