Vocational & Life Skills Sponsorship

Avanse is proud to sponsor Fundacion Formacion d’ Futuros (FFF) located in Cali, Colombia. While Colombia’s state protection programs assist over 86,000 youth that have suffered physical and emotional trauma, only their most basic of needs are met, causing significant delays in education, deficient interpersonal skills, career preparation, and societal skills. Even more crucial is the fact these services cease when the child turns 18.  Essentially most children age out of state protection services with minimal survival skills forcing them to revert back to living on the streets.  Avanse’s funding provides for the secondary education, vocational training, and housing and living expenses for the seven young adults participating in the program.


Our Response: Vocational & life skills program

In 2011, Charity4LIFE, began a collaboration with our local partner in Colombia, Fundacion Formacion d' Futuros, to support and assist in increasing the enrollment of their existing life skills and vocational training program. 

The programs provide for both a residential and non-residential model. In both these formats the focus is on completing formal education, participating with and completing a vocational skills program along with the completion of a life skills program.

The focus on completing basic education in parallel with a practical vocational training program provides for the basic skills and maximizes the opportunity for securing employment which is the foundation for independent living and integration into society.

The life skills segment is an equally important corner stone in this comprehensive program. Here the participants learn skills such as proper personal hygiene, social & cultural etiquette, how to maintain a clean living space, how to manage personal finances, etc.

Impact: increased the number of young adults in the program by 35%

"La Lleva" Program


Avanse in a joint venture with Artemisia Fundacion in Bucaramanga, Colombia has developed “La Lleva” - an after-school educational and art outreach program for elementary age children.  

The “La Lleva” project services children whose parents are sex workers from the streets as well as children who live in a high risk neighborhood of drugs and gang activity called Barrio La Gloria.

Serving over 30 children between the ages of 7 and 13 years old "La Lleva" is an educational program that teaches different values and empowerment through an art curriculum while also providing a safe environment that prevents these children from spending time on the streets.

Updates and photos are posted regularly on Avanse’s Facebook Page. Follow the children's progress.  

Meet The Staff:

Nidia Coy, Program Director                Juan Jose Aceved, Teacher