Sex Trade Intervention
in Bucaramanga, Colombia

Why Colombia?

Colombia is home to an expansive and unregulated sex trade fueled by extreme poverty and  displacement resulting from the decades-long civil conflict between armed insurgent groups, the state and paramilitaries.

About Bucaramanga

In the city of Bucaramanga (pop: 530,900), capital of the department of Santander, there are approximately 1200 “street” sex workers alone, a heavily exploited and marginalized community who typically earn below minimum wage, live with the constant threat of violence and receive little protection from the existing legal system or government social services.  Even more vulnerable are the children of these sex workers, who typically live in extreme poverty, are exposed to a number of dangers including violence, sexual exploitation, malnutrition, narcotics, are often unable to attend school and rarely know the environment of love, safety and comfort that every child deserves.   


Safety for Kids of Sex Workers

The children of sex workers need consistent access to a safe space where they are free of the dangers of the street. Children of sex workers need a safe space while receiving positive and professional care and engaging in productive and fun activities that are therapeutic, educational, skills-based and character-building, designed to help them achieve a productive and influential life.Our program for the children of sex workers, as well as the parallel program operated by Las Religiosas Adoratrices, both represent an otherwise unavailable educational and training opportunity for the participants.  Both aim to educate and impart practical skills that build confidence, stimulate mental and physical aptitude, and broaden life and employment opportunities.

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